Tours and Excursions

Travelling through the African wilderness is an exciting experience. However, setting off into an unknown environment can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first visit to the country. Therefore, the experts at Aabadi Mountain Camp have developed guided tours – tailor made holidays that take you to prominent areas within your destination, with the assurance of an experienced guide.

1. Game Drive Tour

Follow the Desert Dwelling Elephant and Black Rhino as they search for water and food in this amazing landscape. These animals travel great distances between feeding grounds and scattered waterholes which sustain them in the dry season. Other animals that live in this area include Desert dwelling Giraffe, Zebra, Gemsbok (Oryx) and Springbok.

2. Heritage Tour

We offer tailor-made guided tours to some of the most fascinating attractions around Twyfelfontein in Damaraland. Explore at your own pace or in a tour group with a full-time guide, while also learning about the different elements that make each area unique. The following are some of the main attractions the different tours will take you to.

3. Walking

Many guests choose to discover the Twyfelfontein area on foot. Leaving Aabadi Mountain camp and heading south along the edge of gorgeous mountains and overlooking the dip valleys, our professional local guides offer guided walks through the area. The birding up here, the geology, scenic views and fresh foot prints of the Desert elephants, is especially rewarding. Guests learn the ancient ways of the Damara people from the local train guide: local legends, stories, traditions, customs, the medicinal use of plants, and are often treated to singing and dancing along the way. Walking safaris at Aabadi are tailor-made for every guest, and every fitness-level is taken into consideration. Depending on the time of day, and the length of walk, they can include picnic baskets, or even a lift back to the Camp. From a gentle 2-hour stroll to a full day’s walk, guests can choose exactly how they would like to discover Africa on foot.